Don’t Let Mosquitos Ruin the Rest of your Summer

outdoor sheer screens

During this time of year, most of us love to enjoy the great ole’ outdoors whether for BBQ’s, bonfires, sports games, or just to lounge out and enjoy from fresh air. Well, mosquitos (and other bugs) seem to love Summer just as much as we do, and they sure want us to know about it by invading our personal space every chance they get!  Because of this, we begin limit the amount of time we spend outside, or avoid opening our windows to enjoy a cool breeze which causes an increase in energy bills to cool our space.

At Shades By Design, we want you to enjoy your summer without having to repel those pesky insects by wearing bug spray in place of your cologne, surrounding your yard with citronella candles and incense, or by walking around with a fly swatter. Installing custom outdoor bug screens may be the answer you’ve been looking for!

With our motorized outdoor sun/bug screens, you can shade and protect your sun room, balcony, and gazebo while you enjoy a nice relaxing moment. Or you can keep your sliding doors and windows open to let the nice cool breeze enter your home without worrying about any critters making their way inside.

sun bug screens
Let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out with custom sun/bug screens.

window bug screens

outdoor sheer screens
Preserve your view! These sheer screens do not block your view when in use, And when you are not in use, you can simply retract them and Enjoy the open space.
outdoor screen shades
All screens are customized for your window, door,
or structure size and professionally installed.
outdoor window treatments
Pet & Child Safe. Easy to operate and maintain.

Call today to learn more and to schedule your free on-site consultation! Let’s enjoy the rest of the Summer bug and worry free!