The Do’s and Don’ts to cleaning your Custom Shades

The Do’s and Don’ts to cleaning your Custom Shades

cellular shades - How To Clean

Pictured above, top down/bottom up cellular shades.

Cellular Shades

According to Good House Keeping, cellular or honeycomb shades are the easiest to clean. All you need is a vacuum with a dusting brush, and voila!  There are other, however, for a more detailed and thorough cleaning.

To clean your cellular shades, you should consider the following:

DO –

  • Use a vacuum with brush attachment at low suction to gently go over your shades in a horizontal motion.
  • Use a damp cloth with mild detergent to blot away any stubborn stains
  • Use a can of compressed air or a blow dryer to get in between the cells where dust may be hiding.
  • Raise your shades after cleaning to retrain the pleats in case they lose their shape during the process


  • Do Not use a vacuum without the brush attachment
  • Do Not use your vacuum at high suction
  • Do Not saturate your cellular shades with too much water
  • Do Not Scrub the shades harshly
  • Do Not spot clean shades in vertical motion


Roman Shades clean
Pictured above, Roman Shades

Solar, Roman, and Roller Shades*

DO –

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe them down
  • Use a blow dryer to gently dry your shades
  • Use a feather duster or a lighter clean or touch up
  • Use a vacuum with brush attachment


  • Do Not rub away any stains. Blot them.
  • Do Not use harsh chemical solvents or harsh soaps and detergents.

*Please keep in mind, window treatments that are made with delicate fabrics such as silk should be cleaned by a professional for optimal results.


Who knew cleaning your shades could be so simple and with just a few minutes per month, you can keep your window treatments looking brand new.


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