Make A Statement This Holiday Season with Automated Window Treatments

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Remember in the past, when clappers were the new big thing? “Clap on. Clap off,” and magically your lighting was adjusted with little to no effort. However, they could get a little tricky. Imagine even the slightest noise affecting your lights? Or clapping during your favorite song turn your entire home into a light show?
We’ve got something better than that! Something that will wow your guests during your holiday parties and no clapping is required. Consider Motorized Window Treatments from Shades By Design.

Benefits of Automated Window Treatments:

Make A Schedule-

Set it and forget it. You no longer have to manually adjust your shades or wonder if you remembered to lower them before you left the premises. Set your window treatments to self-adjust during specific times of the day.  Allowing you to harvest daytime lighting or maintain privacy without a second thought.


Similar to scheduling, adding sensors to your automated window treatments allows your shades or draperies to self- adjust, however they are able to adjust based on weather. For example, sun sensors trigger your window treatments to open or close based on the position of the sun, so you can allow the sun in or block it out to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

Voice Control-

Wow your guests with a simple phrase. “Alexa, open my living room shades,” and watch as your shades adjust to your commands.
Motorized window treatments from Shades By Design work with more than just Alexa enabled devices. Sync your shades or drapes with google home, apple home, smart phone, tablets and more.
For more options, IFTTT programs can help make your “smart shades” even smarter.

Full Home Automation Integration-

Do you have an existing automation system in your home? Let us help you integrate your new window treatments to your existing smart home system for seamless operation. (restrictions may apply)


Listed above is just a small sample of all the benefits you can receive from motorized and automated window treatments from Shades By Design. Contact us today for your FREE in-home consultation, and to learn more about our high-end products and services. (305) 859-1055 or [email protected].