It Is Never Too Early To Consider Window Treatments!

You have spent years imagining your perfect dream home. From the location to the design, you have envisioned your “forever” home as a reflection of your personal style, and a place where your family can make lasting memories. At Shades By Design, we work with discerning homeowners just like you in order to help blend your aesthetic goals with the form and functionality of top-quality custom window treatments. As you plan your new home’s construction, we want to help you find the best products that truly express your family’s personality.

When Should I Start Planning My Window Treatments?

For many low-end builders, window treatments are often an afterthought. They utilize cheap blinds or shades, and hurriedly install them in the rush to complete a project. However, top-quality architects and builders understand that window treatments are an important design element, and respect the variety of products on the market. When consulted at the beginning of a project, the Shades By Design team collaborates with architects so that they have the technical specifications, thus allowing them to make any small changes as needed. Before your builder even breaks ground, we can work with your architect to ensure that your window treatments blend seamlessly into your home’s design. Even if you are further along in your construction project, we can still provide in-home window treatment design , which includes precision measurements and expert installation.

What Window Treatment Systems Solutions Does Shades By Design Offer?

We offer a full-spectrum of shading solutions for both indoors and outdoors, including automated systems, skylight shades, and patio awning shades. We understand the challenges that homeowners face when balancing form and function in their spaces. For example, large windows provide stunning views, but in bedrooms, they require room darkening shades for sleeping. You want a cute but safe kids’ room, which is why we can pair you with the perfect cordless blinds for children’s’ rooms. Whatever your need, we can match you with the perfect shading solution for each room of your home.

As a premier window treatment design company, we serve individuals, developers, contractors, and real estate investors in both New York and south Florida. To learn more about how we can help you with your project, contact us for help in finding the window treatments you need!

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