Outdoor Shading Solutions

Outdoor Shading Solutions

Besides armies of mosquitoes, nothing detracts more from the comfort of an outdoor space than relentless exposure to the elements. If you think that creating a protected outdoor space is limited to a patio umbrella or going inside, think again! Today’s connected smart homes allow(s) you to bring the same types of automation that you have come to expect on the inside of your home, to the great outdoors.

While a motorized outdoors solution can certainly cool off, did you know that it can benefit your indoor space as well? You may already know that your window treatments can have a huge impact on your home heating expenses. But did you know that outdoor shades can have a similar effect? The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that an awning cuts down on heat gain by up to 77% while in use. Cooling and protecting both your indoor and your outdoor spaces at the same time is a winning combination, especially on those hot summer afternoons.

Shades By Design offer a number outdoor shading solution, here is a list of our most popular selection:


Motorized Exterior Shades

Our exterior shades will help with blocking harsh UV rays and heat before it even touches your window glass, therefore conserving energy and offer interior light control.


Exterior Curtains

Whether you have a pergola or a canopy, adding outdoor curtains will offer basic protection from the elements while maintain soft and inviting style to your outdoor space.


Motorized Retractable Awnings

You can use an awning to cover all of your outdoor area, or just a small part, which can serve as shady retreat. Add to that the fact that you can control your motorized awning with the touch of a button, and it just doesn’t get more convenient.


Motorized Pergolas

Perhaps even more flexible than an awning, a pergola sits adjacent to your home and may really feel like its own structure. It may be attached to your house, or it may be freestanding. A pergola offers so much in the way of flexibility that many people find it a tough option to pass up.

Outdoor Shading Solutions