Shades By Design Helps Developers Transform Investment Properties Into High-Value Investments

In real estate development, we see many savvy developers turn older commercial properties into fresh, vibrant spaces that are, most importantly, profitable investments. At Shades By Design, we collaborate with such innovators, and provide modern shading solutions that address even the most quirky design needs. We help our clients discover functional window treatments that do not detract from the character of these original structures, yet still feature the modern functionality prospective buyers and tenants expect. We also craft all types of truly specialized treatments, like motorized skylight blackout shades, so that any space, regardless of the original construction, can be transformed into a modern gemstone of real estate.

What Should I Look For When Selecting Commercial Window Treatments?

Above all else, we believe that commercial window treatments are a long-term investment, and that our clients need products that are tested for quality, durability, and performance. For example, we test all of our motorized shades to ensure they will perform under the exact conditions you require, including an on-site engineering assessment prior to installation.  We source only the most top-quality products, and work with industry-leading names in the commercial window treatment arena.

Beyond quality, we also believe that our expert window treatment consultants set us apart from other commercial contractors. We have the training and experience to work with developers at every stage, whether it be with the initial technical drawings or final stages of interior design. Our extensive portfolio demonstrates that we solve even the toughest design challenges, like window shades for large windows or sun control shades for special needs spaces. Once we match our clients with the perfect shading solution, our certified technicians perform precision installation, on time and to the highest standards.

Are you ready to take your commercial and residential real estate rehab to the next level? Contact us today! And discover why we are the go-to source for custom window treatments in our area.