Commercial Window Treatments

With any commercial space, aesthetics, safety and efficiency are significant to creating a functional environment. Shades By Design’s Commercial window treatment solutions provide increased accessibility, energy efficiency, durability, safety and more in addition to offering heat, glare and noise reduction.

Commercial Window Treatments For Any Space!

With our extensive experience with restaurants, retail establishments, office buildings, hotels, healthcare facilities and more, you can trust our team to create custom window treatment solutions that perfectly fit your budget, specifications, and overall vision.

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restaurant window treatments

Restaurant and café window treatments

Elevate guest experiences in your restaurant or café with custom commercial window treatments from Shades By Design. Our restaurant and café window treatments seamlessly blend form and function and are designed to enhance the atmosphere, set the tone, and offer benefits to both your location you’re your guests.

Office window treatments

Whether you have a small office or are looking for window treatments solutions for a large-scale office building, Shades By Design has an option for you. Our custom manual or motorized commercial window treatment solutions meet both the aesthetic and functional needs of any office space and can help create a comfortable and efficient work environment.

office window treatments
hospital window treatments

Healthcare window treatments

Shades By Design’s Window Treatments for healthcare facilities incorporate innovative solutions that help create a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for patients, visitors, and personnel.

Hotel and resorts window treatments

Shades By Design’s high-end hotel and resort window treatments are safe, ADA compliant, and energy efficient and help create an inviting and memorable atmosphere that enhance guest experiences.

Hotel Drapes
drapery and window shades for Museum

Gallery window treatments

The right window treatment solutions can help protect your artwork and displays, create the perfect ambiance when needed, add privacy, security and innovation to your gallery.

High-rise and condominium window treatments

Work with our expert designers to create custom high-performance window treatment solutions for your residential high-rise building that balance views and privacy, handles daylighting and glare, and reduces solar heat gain.

Window Treatments for Residential building
yacht boat windows treatments

Marine window treatments

From smooth sails to choppy waters, Shades By Design’s window treatments for yachts, boats, and other large vessels are custom designed to add privacy, lighting control, reduce energy consumption, and stay in place. Enjoy happy sailing with custom marine window treatments from Shades By Design.