Gallery window treatments

Galleries are meant to display creative and beautiful works of art, and therefore require a special touch when it comes to window treatments. Shades By Design’s window treatments for galleries and museums are just as unique and aesthetically appealing as you and your guests expect your displays to be. Our window treatments combine form and function, so you can achieve both functional and visual benefits.

Protect your Gallery Displays from Fading

UV rays and excess heat can cause your art work to fade or even deteriorate, and once light exposure has damaged your unique displays, they are irreversible.

Our sun blocking gallery and museum window treatments eliminate up 99% of harmful UV rays to protect your priceless displays.

Enhance Your Guest Experience with Gallery Window Treatments

The perfect atmosphere is imperative to any exhibition or display. This includes light balance and comfort. Our gallery window treatments give you control over the intensity, direction, and amount of natural light that enters your gallery.
In addition to light control, the proper window treatment solution helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature throughout your museum or gallery.
Our window treatments can be automated and synced with most existing automation systems allowing your shows and gallery’s operations to run smooth and effortlessly with the perfect lighting and ambiance every time.

Security and Peace of Mind

Windows let in light and create a nice open and airy feel to your museum or gallery, but can also breech privacy. The proper window treatments help enhance interior privacy day or night. Keeping your work safe from the peering eye and giving you peace of mind.

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