Healthcare window treatments

Shades By Design specializes in manual and automated window treatment solutions that meet the health, safety, and aesthetic requirements for both inpatient and outpatient healthcare environments.
When it comes to healthcare facilities, our team aims to serve both clients and their patient populations with window treatments that maximize comfort, minimize energy costs, and create a pleasant environment conducive to health, healing, and more.

Maximize Comfort with Healthcare Window Treatments

Empower patients with the ability to adjust the look and feel of their current environment. With automated solar shades, blackout shades, and draperies, patients can control their natural lightings, privacy and views unassisted with a simple touch of a button.

Improve Patient Recovery

Screen shades filter in the perfect amount of natural light which research shows can help improve mood and can positively affect patient outcomes.
Room darkening and blackout shades can help regulate circadian rhythms and improve sleep quality which can lead to healthy recovery.

Conserve Energy in Your Healthcare Facility

Shades By Design’s healthcare window treatments can help your facility conserve energy by reducing solar gain, and decreasing energy loss through windows which in turn regulate a consistently comfortable interior temperature year-round.

Maintain a Sterile and Healthy Environment

A sterile environment is required to preserve the health of patients, personnel and guests. Our healthcare window treatment solutions feature antimicrobial properties, and are easy to clean and maintain

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