Hotel and resorts window treatments

Resort and hotel window treatments are often a key element in a property’s overall design scheme for both guestrooms and public spaces, while also serving an important function in regulating temperatures, filtering out light and glare, and enhancing privacy.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere with Hotel Window Treatments

The lobby is the first-place guests see when they enter your hotel or resort, and the last place before they leave. Create an atmosphere they will remember with high-end window treatments from Shades By Design.
Window treatments for your hotel lobby and common areas help create a warm welcoming feel by allowing in natural light while filtering out intense glare and UV rays, creating a light and airy feel, and adding an elegant touch to your décor.

Enhance Guest Room Experience with Hotel Drapes

Make your guest rooms cozy and innovative with automated window treatments from Shades By Design.
With automated window treatments for your hotel and resort guest rooms, guests can conveniently control lighting, glare, and privacy with a simple touch of a button.
Our innovative hotel drapery and shading solutions help block out sound, offer an ultimate room darkening experience (when incorporating blackout solutions) , and are durable, safe (fire-rated and child safe), and are ADA compliant giving your guests comfort and peace of mind during their stay.

Increased Comfort Outdoors with Exterior Shading Solutions

Extend your guests’ positive experience to the outdoors with our durable and beautiful exterior shading solutions for your pool areas, outdoor lounges, balconies, outdoor cafes, and more.
From awnings and canopies to outdoor shades and draperies, we have a solution that will give the relaxing “getaway” vibe you are looking to achieve.
Exterior shading solutions are not look great, they offer UV protection, privacy in certain locations, and glare filtering when needed. All outdoor fabrics are also resistant to sun bleaching, mold and mildew.

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