Marine Window Treatments

Being out to sea can be such a beautiful and relaxing experience. You’re surrounded by nothing but water, clear skies, and sunlight. While natural lighting is a great way to illuminate the inside of your vessel, it also produces a lot of heat which in turn, leads to expensive methods.


At times your journey can be rocky, unpredictable and even cold which requires you to heat up your vessel without ways to help keep that warmth contained.

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Custom Window Treatments for Yachts and Boats


At Shades by Design, our expert team works closely with manufacturers to provide you with customized interior and exterior shading solutions that meet all your needs such as:


  • Temperature Control: Our products serve a dual purpose. We make sure your window treatments can keep the cool air in when the weather is hot, as well as keeping the interior nice and cozy during the colder seasons.
  • Efficiency: Owning a boat, yacht or other vessel has its costs. Window treatments that can save you money on energy bills such as heating, cooling and lighting are a great investment.
  • Durability: It’s not always smooth sailing out in the waters, so it’s great to be prepared. Our team makes sure to install marine window treatments that can withstand the rocky waters you may face on your journey.
  • Safety: With indoor and outdoor shading solutions that provide excellent glare control, the captain can see clearly and safely maneuver your vessel. In addition, all our products are maritime certified which gives you peace of mind for happy sailing.
  • Look and Feel: Most safe and durable products compromise comfort and beauty. Shades By Design is here to make sure that is not the case, because after all, owning a yacht or boat is a luxury, and therefore it must look the part. To achieve this, our window treatments (both indoor and outdoor) supply a comfortable, private, and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Most Common Marine Products:

Cable Guided Roller Shades
Aluminum Blinds
Wood Blinds
Outdoor Curtains

Most Common Marine Products:


Cruise Ships
And More…

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What are the best window treatments for private Yacht’s in South Florida?

The best window treatment depends on the goal you have for your private yacht. At Shades By Design, we have expert designers who can discuss your needs, go over the best options, and create a truly safe, functional, and aesthetically ideal option for you.

Are shades for boats a safe thing to have?

At Shades By Design, safety is a top priority. When it comes to window treatments for your boat, we make sure to use maritime certified and fire rated fabrics. We also make sure to use cable guides when we install our shades, this way there is no excess movement or swaying even in choppy waters.

Another great thing about window treatments for yachts and boats are that the right solution limits the amount of glare that can prevent the captain from seeing clearly.

Can Shades By Design Motorize shades for my boat?

Yes. In fact, we recommend motorized yacht shades and blinds because it allows for hands-free operation, ease of control, and therefore lets you concentrate more on the safe sailing and enjoying a relaxing sail.

Contact us today to learn more about our wireless battery-operated options.

How are your yacht window treatments energy efficient?

Shades By Design’s window shades and blinds for your yacht or boat offer enhanced interior temperature control, which results in lower usage of your boats heating and cooling systems.

What size marine vessels does Shades By Design offer window treatments for?

We are able to provide marine window covering solutions for vessels of any size. This includes small and large boats, yachts, and ships. Want to make sure we can create a custom window covering solution for your marine vessel? Contact us today.

Does Shades By Design offer any other service besides window treatments for boats?

Yes. We also offer upholstery for your yacht or boat. Contact us today to learn more.

What steps do I need to take for Shades By Design to installed window treatments for my yacht or boat?

If you are ready to upgrade your yacht or boat with beautiful and functional window treatments, contact us today. We will start with a FREE one-on-one consultation, go over all the options available to you, take detailed and accurate measurements, and we will create a custom solution for you.