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Markilux Pergola Stretch – Rooftop Integration at Lakeland Office Building

Office Markilux Pergola Lakeland

Project Location:

Real Estate Office Building, Lakeland, Florida

Project Description:

In a recent highlight from our portfolio, Shades By Design is thrilled to showcase the custom installation of the Markilux Pergola Stretch system at a prominent office building in Lakeland. This project demonstrates our expertise in transforming commercial spaces into functional and stylish areas

Challenge: The client, a bustling real estate office, required a creative solution to connect two separate rooftops. The goal was to create a unified, shaded space suitable for hosting company events and outdoor meetings.

Solution: We executed a custom installation of the Markilux Pergola Stretch system. This unique setup not only connected the rooftops but also provided a substantial shaded area, leveraging the pergola’s innovative design and retractable features.

Outcome: The project resulted in a striking and practical outdoor venue, enhancing the office building’s functionality. It now serves as an inviting space for company events and gatherings, showcasing a perfect blend of modern design and practical usability.

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