Motorized Window Treatments

As the world advances, technology has become more advanced and more accessible than ever, allowing us to have control of anything right at our fingertips, including window treatments.

Motorized window treatments leave the days of tangled cords, hard to reach curtains and manually adjustable shades and blinds in the past, and can now be controlled with a remote, smart phone, tablet, home automation systems, and with voice commands.

At Shades by design, we can motorize virtually any window treatment. From shades, blinds, and drapery to exterior window treatment solutions,  you have  the ability to control or schedule light & glare, interior temperature and the atmosphere conveniently from wherever you are.


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Motorized Control Devices

Each operating system allows you a to control you window treatments via a variety of different devices from hand-held remotes, wall switches, smart phones, tablets and more.

Motorized Power Options

The motor is the heart of all motorized window treatments. This is where all the magic happens. With different motors and power sources to choose from, you have the option to customize your motorized window treatment to your preferences, needs, and technological and aesthetic desires.

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