Office window treatments

The easiest way to bring life into your workspace is with the right office window treatments.
Imagine an office beaming with natural light that brightens even the dullest of corners, and with the simple touch of button, the space can be dimmed to provide privacy, temperature or glare control. Or envision yourself holding meeting in the conference room, and for the first time ever, no one is distracted by the sounds that occur outside your window or the glare on your presentation screen!
With our wide variety of products and extensive experience, our corporate team strives to turn these visions into reality.
Shades By Design’s custom commercial window treatments for office spaces and corporate buildings are designed to ensure:

Increased Office Productivity

  • Reduce glare on screens in offices, conference rooms, and board rooms, to minimize eye fatigue from contrasting bright and dark surfaces.
  • Reduce solar gain and maintain a comfortable and consistent interior temperature.
  • Drown out noise and block out distractions.

Decreased Energy Costs

  • Reduce solar heat gain, lowering energy consumption used for A/C cooling
  • Harvest more natural light to brighten the atmosphere
  • Battery operation and solar powered options ensure lower fossil fuel consumption
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