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Outdoor Screen Shades

Perfect for doors, windows, and outdoor spaces, exterior screen shades are a perfect solution for you to enjoy your outdoor spaces anytime of year.

Outdoor Screens

Outdoor Shades Types:

Beautiful Beach outdoor insect screen

Insect Screens

Let the fresh air in and the fear out.  With our insect screens you can keep your doors and windows open or sit our in your sun room without the fear of critters and mosquitos ruining the moment.

Sun Shades

Maintain control of sun and weather exposure with our solar sun shades which offer protection, enhanced privacy, and energy efficiency.

Luxury Outdoor Sun Screen
outdoor waterproof screen shdaes

Weather Proof Screens

Trust our automated weather proof screens to keep you cool, dry, and mosquito-free all year-round.

Cable Guided Screens

Need to protect a space without posts, walls, or wider than normal open spaces? Cable guided screens are the perfect solution.

Hurricane Screen

Hurricane Screens

Protect your home and outdoor spaces in style with custom hurricane screens from Shades by Design.  A solution so durable, it can withstand winds above 156mph!

More about Outdoor Screen Shades...

Specifically made for outdoor use, exterior screen shades are durable, easy to maintain, clean and operate.
For easier operation, our outdoor shades can be motorized and automated allowing you to operate them remotely and even on a set schedule.
Our outdoor screen collection includes insect screens, sunscreens, weatherproof screens, cable guided screens, and hurricane screens.

Outdoor shades are perfect to install for your patios, sunrooms, and freestanding structures. This is a great way to extend your interior comfort to the outdoors. You can have a nice shaded and cool space guarded against the sun, bugs and rain. You can even mount your outdoor window shades on the outside of your windows or doors. This offers the same benefits of interior roller shades while saving interior space.

Yes, similar to our interior window shades, our outdoor shades can be motorized.

Motorized outdoor shades offer many benefits: privacy, light filtering, and protection as well. Outdoor shades can be programmed, scheduled, and adjusted with a hand-held remote, app, or voice command. 

Yes, we offer outdoor blackout shades which are perfect for blocking out 100% of natural lighting, allowing you to have a deeper and more peaceful sleep with little effort.


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