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Renson Outdoor Shades

Renson’s outdoor shades offer innovative design and technology to provide ultimate protection from harsh UV rays, extreme sunlight, heat, inclement weather and more.

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Outdoor Shades Benefits

Motorization option

Working with top brands (Somfy, Lutron Hunter Douglas & More!)

Kids Safety

Safeguard your home with our range of kid-friendly window treatments

Custom for your needs

Hundreds of colors, tones, and textures are available

Room Darkening

Perfect for bedrooms and entertainment rooms

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Renson Outdoor Shades - Extra comfort

Renson screens/shades not only ensure a comfortable indoor climate but also help eliminate bothersome reflections or glare.  

For extra comfort and convenience, your screens can be fully automated, so you can maintain an optimal interior climate even when you aren’t home to operate them yourself.

Renson Fixscreen Shades

These vertical sunscreens block direct light from entering various window types and free-standing applications such as pergolas and are suitable for both new construction and renovations.

Renson Fixscreen

For almost 2 decades, Renson Fixscreen shades have provided protection from direct sunlight through standard windows, corner and sliding windows, glass-on-glass windows, as well as free-standing applications. 

Benefits of Renson Fixscreen include:

  • Provides wind resistance of up to 80 miles per hour
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Customizable with a variety of protection screens to choose from
  • Can be used in residential, commercial or new construction projects
  • Protects against inclement weather

Renson Fixscreen Minimal

The Renson fixscreen minimal offers a minimalist design with maximum protection which is the perfect solution if you don’t want to compromise on the sleek and modern look and feel of your home or commercial space.

Benefits of Renson Fixscreen Minimal include:

  • Minimal impact on architecture with a smaller fabric box and 2cm side channel
  • Can be mounted discreetly in front of windows
  • Resists winds of up to 80 miles per hour
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Protects against inclement weather

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Renson Topfix Shades

These horizontal window screens can be used on verandas, skylights, and patios to provide protection from harsh sunlight and UV rays.

Topfix is a line of sun protection fabrics with an innovative tensioning technique. This, combined with the Fixscreen technology ensures supreme fabric tension at all times, even without supporting rollers.

Renson Topfix features include:

  • For horizontal or sloped windows
  • Wind resistant up to 75 miles per hour
  • Sun/ UV protection
  • Compact box dimensions
  • Various installation options
  • Revolutionary tensioning

Renson Topfix Max features include:

  • Horizontal sun protection for larger surfaces
  • Revolutionary tensioning
  • Compact box dimensions
  • Silent operation
  • Durable design

Renson Topfix Max F features include:

  • Freestanding
  • Revolutionary tensioning
  • Compact box dimensions
  • Silent operation
  • Durable design

Renson Panovista Shades

Panovista screen shades provide wind-proof sun protection for glass-on-glass corner windows.

Renson Panovista outdoor screen shades are ideal for corner windows of glass on glass, where conventional screens do not offer a solution.

The Panovista is a canvas shade that enhances interior comfort by eliminating glare, offering protection from harsh UV rays, and prevents increased interior temperatures all without obstructing views.

This solution is clean and seamless as the box, side channels, and bottom slats can be hidden if needed. 

Renson Panovista Features Include: 

  • Surface-mounted
  • Perfect for corner windows
  • Does not obstruct views
  • Can be aesthetically integrated with existing architecture
  • Can be combined with other Renson screens
  • Available in various colors

Renson Panovista Max/ Slidefix Features Include

  • Corner zipper for increased wind-resistance
  • Perfect for corner windows
  • Does not obstruct views
  • Can be aesthetically integrated with existing architecture
  • Can be combined with other Renson screens
  • Available in various colors
Luxury Panovista Shade

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Renson Outdoor Shades from Outdoor Screens: Key Differences Explained

1. Function and Purpose:

Renson Shades: These are primarily designed for solar shading and UV protection. They regulate the amount of sunlight entering a space, reducing glare and heat. Renson Shades are often used to protect interior spaces from sun damage and to control indoor temperatures.

Renson Screens: Screens usually serve a broader purpose, including privacy, insect protection, and light control. They might not have as extensive solar control capabilities as the shades but offer additional functionalities like blocking views from outside or keeping insects out when windows are open.

2. Material and construction

Renson Shades: Typically made with materials that emphasize solar control, such as fabrics or metals that reflect or absorb sunlight. Their construction is robust to ensure durability against weather elements and UV exposure.

Renson Screens: Screens might be made from a variety of materials, including finer mesh-like fabrics that allow for visibility and airflow while still providing some level of shading and insect protection.

3. Design and Aesthetics:

Renson Shades: Often have a sleek, modern design and are available in various styles to match architectural aesthetics. They might be more prominent in appearance due to their function of providing substantial shading.

Renson Screens: Screens can be more discreet and are designed to blend in with the building’s facade. They may come in various designs that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics but with a focus on subtlety.

4. Customization and Flexibility:

Renson Shades: Offer customization options in terms of size, color, and material to fit specific architectural needs and styles.

Renson Screens: While also customizable, screens may offer different options focusing on mesh density, transparency, and frame design to suit various functional requirements.

5. Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact:

Renson Shades: Specifically designed to enhance energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial cooling.

Renson Screens: While they provide some level of shading, their primary focus might not be on energy efficiency, but they contribute to it indirectly.

6. Applications:

Renson Shades: Ideal for areas where direct sunlight control is needed, such as large windows, patios, or glass extensions.

Renson Screens: Suited for areas where privacy, insect protection, and moderate light control are priorities.

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