Plantation Shutters

Considered the “gold-standard” in high-end window treatments, interior shutters, commonly known as plantation shutters, are a great addition to any window.

Plantation Shutters offer benefits beyond aesthetics which include privacy, light control, energy savings, child-safety, low-maintenance, and can even increase your overall property value due to their durability and life-span. The result is an interior window treatment that is a timeless investment.

At Shades By Design, there is no such thing as “One-Size-Fits All”. If you have large, small, or even uniquely shaped windows, we can create the perfect solution for you using high-quality hardwood, composite materials, Polysatin, and more.


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Polysatin motorized shutters

Motorized Plantation Shutters

Just when you thought plantation shutters could not get any better, you can now motorize them for added convenience, energy efficiency, and accessibility.

Wooden Shutters

Our wooden plantation shutters are crafted from genuine, high- quality hardwood to create the ultimate, high-end shutter that is perfect for any space, both residential or commercial.

wooden shutters
hybrid shutters

Hybrid Shutters

Stylish, versatile, and innovative, hybrid shutters combine the beauty of natural wood with the strength and permanence of non-wood compounds.  

Polysatin Shutters

Polysatin shutters combinee the attractive aesthetic of a freshly painted shutter with the resilience of Polysatin. The result is a durable modern shutter to complement any room or décor.

Polysatin shutters

Window Shutters FAQ

My windows are curved. Can you provide an interior shutter solution for me?

Yes. We offer specialty shaped plantations shutters for most unique window shapes.  From curved, to angled or round. If you have a window with a unique shape and are unsure if plantation shutters can be custom made to fit them, contact us. With your free consultation, an expert designer can visit to your location, take measurements and help create a solution that works for you.

Can you motorize plantation shutters?

Yes. Shades By Design can motorize virtually any window treatment. Plantation shutters included. Learn more about motorized shutters.

How do motorized plantation shutters work?

When plantation shutters are motorized, you can conveniently tilt the louvres via a handheld remote, wall switch, or smart device. Click here to learn more about motorized plantation shutters.

What is hidden tilt?

Traditional interior shutters are operated via a tilt bar in the front. With hidden tilt, the tilt bar is in the rear of the shutter on the sides of the louvres. This bar connects all louvres together, so you adjust one louvre, all move simultaneously.

What is invisible tilt?

Like hidden tilt, this option eliminates the need for a tilt bar in front of your interior plantation shutter, however no bar is required. Inside the styles are rack and pinion gears that operate all slats simultaneously. Motorized plantation shutters typically operate invisible tilt louvres.

What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

Not only are plantation shutters a beautiful and timeless window treatment, they can actually increase the value of your property, offer energy efficiency, enhanced privacy and more.