Exterior Screen Shades

About This Project

Exterior screen shades are a fantastic addition to your windows, doors and outdoor spaces.

They provide increased privacy, while allowing light to pass, and their ability to absorb heat, filter and decrease sunlight exposure and keep bugs out, make them a great option for you to comfortably enjoy your interior and exterior living spaces, while lowering your energy costs at the same time.


Motorize your screens and schedule or manually adjust your preferred shade setting for any time of the day.
Combine with a solar panel for extra energy savings.


Shades By Design’s exterior screen shades are available in different colors, fabrics and openness factors for you to set the right environment for your home.

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Where is the best place to install outdoor shades?

Outdoor shades are perfect to install for your patios, sunrooms, and freestanding structures. This is a great way to extend your interior comfort to the outdoors. You can have a nice shaded and cool space guarded against the sun, bugs and rain. You can even mount your outdoor window shades on the outside of your windows or doors. This offers the same benefits of interior roller shades while saving interior space.

If you are unsure if your desired residential or commercial exterior location is fit for exterior screen shades, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Can you motorize outdoor shades?

Yes, similar to our interior window shades, exterior shades can be motorized.

What are the benefits of motorized outdoor shades?

Motorized outdoor window shades offer many benefits. Similar to interior window shades, motorized exterior shades can be programmed, scheduled, and adjusted with a hand-held remote, app, or voice command. Motorized exterior shades offer privacy, light filtering, and protection as well.

Do you offer blackout shades for outdoors?

Yes, we offer exterior blackout shades which are perfect for blocking out 100% of natural lighting, allowing you to have a deeper and more peaceful sleep with little effort.