Hardwired Window Treatments

About This Project

Hardwired motorized window treatments offer whisper quiet operation, are perfect for heavy window coverings, and can be controlled through Radio Frequency communication, Infrared and other alternatives.

Hardwired solutions require the help of an electrician, this is especially important if you would like to work your motorized window treatments from a power distribution board.

Pre-Wiring for low voltage (12 or 24 Volt DC) and line voltage (110 Volt AC) window treatments is an imperative process in the planning phase of a new building and should be considered before the walls are shut.

DC Powered Operated System

This is a low voltage system (12 or 24 Volts), in which wires are connected from the motor to an AC transformer. There is little to no maintenance required as there is no need to change batteries

AC Powered Operated System

This is a line voltage system ranging from  110 to 240V.  For this, Wires must be connected from the  motorized window treatment to a pre-existing AC source. Little to no maintenance is required with this power source as the periodic changing of batteries is not required.


Shades By Design carries many control options such as hand held Remotes, Wireless wall switches, Sun, rain and wind sensors, timers and home automation modules that will work perfectly with your wireless battery operated window treatments. And with the option to control them via smart phone tablet, and other third-party devices, there are many possibilities to customize your design.