Insect / Bug Screens

About This Project

When the weather is beautiful, most people want to open their windows and sliding doors, and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about

Insect screens’ mesh fabrics are manufactured from woven fiberglass strands.
These strands are ultrasonically welded to securely lock them together, and they are then coated in PVC. This produces a very strong mesh which is very durable for the day to day usage.

We feature Phifer’s BetterVue® fabric for our solutions – the BetterVue insect screen provides improved visibility for clearer views, with an enhanced insect screen performance.

Ideal for homeowners seeking a better view with improved airflow and insect protection.

Motorized options can be controlled through hand held remote controllers, wall switches, and even with your most loved cell phone or tablet. Integration with most A/V systems is also available.

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