Solar Powered Window Treatments

About This Project

The great thing about window treatments is that they’re already next to the natural power source that is sunlight. Solar powered operation allows you to harness the sun’s energy to power your window treatments. Everything you will need to go this course is a sun-based board system, which you will mount behind the shade confronting outwards to catch sun rays. The unit then interfaces with both hardwired or wireless battery-operated motors.


Photovoltaics produce energy by converting solar energy into direct power. The Solar Panel board is mounted within the window opening to aid in this conversion. The trapped electrical energy is stored inside a rechargeable battery that powers the window covering.

The solar technology is perfect for difficult to-reach battery tubes, for example, second-story windows where reaching and changing a battery can be challenging.


Shades By Design carries many control options such as hand held Remotes, Wireless wall switches, Sun, rain and wind sensors, timers and home automation modules that will work perfectly with your wireless battery operated window treatments. And with the option to control them via smart phone tablet, and other third party devices, there are many possibilities to customize your design.