Restaurant and café window treatments

As a leading provider in the hospitality industry, Shades by Design understands the unique and aesthetic requirements for an ideal hospitality space.

Our expert window treatments specialists will work with you to provide a solution that is innovative, cost-effective, energy efficient, and helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere with Restaurant Window Treatments

Set the tone and mood with custom window treatments. Shade’s By Design’s custom window treatments for restaurants, cafes, and lounges give you complete control over the lighting, glare, and privacy. Allowing to set the desired mood and atmosphere for your guests.

Whether you want to create an open and bright atmosphere, achieve a dim and romantic vibe, offer a relaxing and calming experience, or set the tone for a good time, our custom window treatments can help do the trick.

Increase Safety

Shades By Design’s wide range of commercial window treatments are created with safety and efficiency in mind. Our restaurant and café window treatments are fire-rated and offer ease of operation, making them safe for your patrons and team.  Our restaurant and café solutions can be installed in your dining areas, kitchens, outdoor seating areas and more.

Enjoy Efficiency and Convenience

Most cafes and restaurants feature multiple windows, as well as large and expansive windows. It is not easy operate and adjust them all when needed.

Motorized and automated restaurant and café window treatments from Shades by Design allows you to conveniently and efficiently adjust each window shading with a simple touch of a button or voice command. This helps you conserve time and focus more on providing excellent service to your guests.

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