3Ways Motorized Shades Add Value to your South Florida Properties

In South Florida, where luxury high-rise developments are plenty, it is important for developers to implement different features and amenities for their properties to stand out against the competition.

Spas, gym facilities, business centers, pools and concierge services may do the trick, but have you considered adding the luxury and convenience of motorized window treatments to the mix?

Many underestimate the impact of motorized shades, but motorized solutions offer many benefits to South Florida properties that effectively boost the value and demand of your spaces


Convenience/ Ease Of Operation

Technology is here to make things easier for us, use this to your advantage. With motorized window coverings, tenants can control the lighting, glare, privacy and atmosphere with a touch of a button or a simple voice command.

With automated features, tenants can even schedule and program their shades or drapes to adjust during certain times of the day. For example, think of how much they would enjoy waking up in the morning to the sunlight gradually entering their room via their scheduled blackout shades rising rather than being jolted awake by a blaring alarm clock.


Security/ Privacy

With automated window coverings, tenants can add privacy to their home whenever it’s needed. They can even control the privacy when they are abroad, protecting their home from the peering eyes of those in neighboring buildings.


Energy Efficiency

In South Florida, we are constantly running our AC units to keep our interior temperatures nice and comfortable year-round. Motorized screen shades can actually give your tenants’ HVAC units a break! The right shade can help lower solar heat gain and keep the interior temperature cooler throughout the year.
With the benefit of automation, tenants can schedule their shades to close during the sunniest/hottest parts of the day to block out heat which in turn can save them money on their cooling costs throughout the year.



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