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Hurricane Screens

Our hurricane screens are proof that you can protect your home without compromising the beauty of your architecture or the style of your exterior décor.

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Hurricane Screens Benefits

Motorization option

Working with top brands (Somfy, Lutron Hunter Douglas & More!)

Kids Safety

Safeguard your home with our range of kid-friendly window treatments

Custom for your needs

Hundreds of colors, tones, and textures are available

Florida Product Approvals

Your safety and satisfaction
are paramount

Our custom hurricane screens use a blend of high tenacity PET and Aramid core yarns which are coated with a durable vinyl that defends against severe hurricanes, insects, solar rays and offers maximum outdoor privacy.   This can also help protect your structure from hurricane winds exceeding 156 mph and even heavy, flying debris.  With a 10-year warranty on the fabrics, you have peace of mind that you are covered in more ways than one.  

Another added benefit to our hurricane screens is they are considered “self-extinguishing,” unlike most competitive Polypropylene fabrics which are highly flammable and break down easily from U.V. rays.  

These screens can even be motorized with special technology that can withstand the harsh conditions these screens are meant to protect you from.  

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Benefits of Choosing Florida Product Approved Hurricane Screens:

  • Peace of Mind: With our Florida Product Approved Hurricane Screens, you can rest assured that your home is equipped with a premium defense against hurricane-force winds and flying debris.


  • Proven Performance: Our screens have met the rigorous requirements set by the state of Florida, demonstrating their ability to withstand the most challenging weather conditions.


  • Enhanced Security: By choosing our Florida Product Approved Hurricane Screens, you’re making a proactive choice to protect your property and loved ones, allowing you to face stormy weather with confidence.


At Shades By Design, your safety and satisfaction are paramount. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every product we offer. Choose our Florida Product Approved Hurricane Screens and experience the pinnacle of protection for your home.


Our hurricane screen systems exceed the performance criteria of the following standards, with spans of up to 30 feet:

  • ​​TAS 201, 201, 203, 203-94
  • ASTM E330, E1886 & E1996
  • Florida Product Approval: #FL30798
  • Design Pressure up to +/- 200 PSF

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All you need to know about hurricane screens

Living in Florida comes with unique challenges, particularly during hurricane season. The Florida Building Code sets stringent standards to ensure products’ resilience against the elements. Our Hurricane Screens have undergone rigorous testing and scrutiny to earn the prestigious Florida Product Approval designation, a testament to their exceptional quality and reliability.
Hurricane screens work by creating a barrier between your property’s openings and the external elements. When a hurricane or strong storm approaches, you can quickly deploy the screens over windows, doors, patios, and other areas to mitigate potential damage. The screens’ robust construction helps reduce the impact of debris and pressure differentials, offering an extra layer of protection.
No, hurricane screens from Shades by Design are not permanent fixtures. They are designed to be easily deployed and removed as needed. When not in use, they can be conveniently stored until the next storm season.
Maintaining hurricane screens is relatively straightforward. Regularly inspect the screens for any tears or damages, and clean them with mild soap and water to remove dirt or debris. Proper storage during the off-season also helps extend their lifespan
Hurricane screens are designed for long-lasting durability and can be left up year-round if desired. Many homeowners prefer to keep them in place continuously to benefit from additional UV protection, energy efficiency, and added security.
Yes, hurricane screens are considered a highly effective and convenient alternative to traditional storm shutters and plywood. They are easy to deploy and remove, lightweight, and can be stored compactly when not in use. Unlike plywood, they won’t rot, and unlike shutters, they won’t require extra storage space or regular maintenance.


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