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Shades By Design Inc. Terms and Conditions 12/2/2023

Custom Fabric Treatments Warranty:

Shades By Design warrants that its custom fabric treatments are free from fabrication defects for their usable lifetime, provided they are used properly and remain with the original purchaser. Shades By Design solely covers repairs of products it manufactures. Shades By Design reserves the right to determine defect coverage and remediation methods, aiming to conform to initial contract standards. Excluded from this warranty are damages from wear, sun damage, misuse, unapproved cleaning methods, unauthorized reinstallation, or chemical application, as well as indirect costs including third-party installation, transport, or upkeep. Defects must be reported within 48 hours of installation; failure to do so releases Shades By Design from repair obligations or subsequent damage liability.


Hard Window Treatments Warranties:

Shades By Design offers a one-year warranty for installation-related issues on products it resells. This warranty is effective for one year from the installation date. Beyond this period, the standard factory warranties will apply to all resold products, which include prevailing market rates for service and repairs. Shades By Design is committed to diligently addressing and resolving any warranted issues, ensuring prompt repair and reinstallation of warranted products.


Roller Shades Disclaimer:

Shades By Design advises that roller shades exceeding 96 inches in width may present inherent aesthetic variances such as waves, V-shapes, or wrinkling, potentially causing permanent fabric alteration. “Inside Mount” installations will be subject to width reductions as per manufacturer’s guidelines. Additionally, fabrics with a railroaded pattern may display edge curling, and those containing fiberglass are prone to edge fraying, particularly in darker hues. Lastly, blackout roller shades, while designed to significantly reduce light entry, may not achieve absolute darkness.


Motorization and Automation Disclaimer:

Shades By Design’s warranties for motorized components are limited to those provided by the original manufacturers. For specific warranty terms, please refer to the respective third-party vendor’s documentation:


Somfy: For warranty details, visit Somfy’s Warranty Page.

Lutron Electronics: For warranty details, visit Lutron’s Warranty Page.

Crestron: For warranty details, visit Crestron’s Warranty Page.






Electrical Wiring Disclaimer:

Shades By Design furnishes pre-wiring guidelines for motorized units, intended for the use by professional third-party electrical contractors. These guidelines are sourced from the manufacturers of the motorized units and should be validated by a licensed electrical contractor. Shades By Design is not liable for any inaccuracies in these guidelines or any installation errors by the electrical contractor that result in property or motor damage. Additionally, owners of battery-operated window treatments are responsible for the regular charging and replacement of their battery units.


Textiles And Draperies Disclaimer:

Shades By Design acknowledges that fabric characteristics such as stretch, stiffness, creasing, variation in dye lots, shadowing, and other imperfections are inherent and beyond our influence. Fluctuations in drapery and shade dimensions may be observed due to these intrinsic qualities and environmental factors. In compliance with the Window Covering Association of America (WCAA) standards, Shades By Design permits a tolerance of up to ½ inch in the final product measurements relative to specified dimensions.


For any adjustments due to stretching or shrinkage of draperies, responsibility for associated costs falls to the purchaser. This may involve hiring an independent contractor or, alternatively, Shades By Design can provide such adjustment services at an additional fee.


Outdoor Products:


For outdoor products, Shades By Design defers to the warranties provided by the original manufacturers. Customers should consult the following for specific warranty information:


Progressive Screens: Progressive Screens Warranty

Rainier Shade: Rainier Shade Warranty

Markilux: Markilux Terms and Conditions

Renson: Renson Canopy Guarantee

Sunpro: SunPro Motorized Awning Warranty

Umbrosa: Umbrosa Warranty


Shades By Design is not liable for these products beyond the scope of the original manufacturers’ warranties.


Final Design/Application Disclaimer:

Shades By Design will not assume the costs associated with replacing window treatments, fabrics, or any related expenses if dissatisfaction arises from the final appearance, fabric choices, or other aspects not under our direct control.


Installation Disclaimer:

Prior to any installation services provided by Shades By Design, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all valuables, furniture, and other items are removed from the work area. This ensures the safety of your belongings and facilitates a smoother installation process. Once installation is complete, the responsibility to replace these items rests with the purchaser. Shades By Design is not liable for damage to any items not removed from the installation area.


Delivery Dates Disclaimer:

Please note that all delivery dates provided by Shades By Design are estimates and depend on the timely arrival of necessary fabrics and equipment. While we strive to meet these estimates, there may be occasions when adjustments are necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. Shades By Design is not liable for any expenses or costs arising as a result of such delivery delays.


Changes to Purchase Orders Disclaimer:

Modifications to any active purchase order can only be made with mutual consent before the commencement of window treatment production and must be documented in writing by both Shades By Design and the customer. Architectural changes or any other additional modifications should be communicated before production initiation. Should there be any amendments after production has started, the customer will be responsible for all resultant costs.


Cancellation Policy Disclaimer:

Products custom-made to individual specifications are final and cannot be canceled or returned once the order has been confirmed and production has commenced.


Payment Terms:

Orders with Shades By Design are initiated with a 60% deposit, with the balance due before the scheduling of delivery or installation. If the full invoice is settled at the time of deposit, a discount of 2.5% is applied. For partial or deferred installations, the balance is payable when the products are prepared for installation. Any outstanding balances after their due date will accrue a monthly finance charge of 1.5%.


Lien Rights:

According to Florida Statutes Chapter 713, Shades By Design retains the right to file a lien against the property of a client for any outstanding payments. The property owner will be notified in advance of any lien action.


Legal Disclaimer:

In the event that an unpaid invoice requires legal intervention, Shades By Design is entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs from the party at fault. All terms and conditions adhere to Florida State law. By engaging with Shades By Design, the client agrees to the jurisdiction of the courts within Miami-Dade or Broward County, Florida, and relinquishes any right to object to the venue in these locations.




Schedule Cancellation Policy:

Shades By Design enforces a cancellation policy where any appointment canceled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time is subject to a $100.00 rebooking fee. To avoid this charge, please ensure to provide a cancellation notice at least 24 hours before the appointment.


Storage Fees:

Should the purchaser not take delivery within thirty (30) days after the product’s arrival, Shades By Design will impose a monthly administration and storage fee of $100.00. For outdoor products, storage fees will be determined based on the project’s specifics.

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