How To Clean Your Window Shades

How To Clean Your Window Shades

Spring has sprung, and cleaning season began! We are being asked too often “How Can I Clean My Window Treatments?” its time for some answers and with the right instructions, your window treatments can always look gorgeous (and clean…)

Soft window shades such as Roman Shades and Cellular Shades are the more challenging type of window treatments as opposed to the more easily wiped wood blinds or shutters. Although they may seem harder to maintain, soft window treatments are very popular! Now, taking down the fabric shades and driving them to a local drycleaner is not a recommended cleaning method by any manufacture. Here’s what we suggest to keep them looking their best:

Air Pressure

Do you use canned air to pressure clean your computer keyboard? Try to use it on your shade by blowing air to push any dust out of the shade, its the easiest and safest solution to keep fabric shades clean and dust free.


Using the upholstery attachment for our vacuum cleaner, we run the brush across the fabric with a light touch. By also vacuuming loose dirt in all the window nooks, we’re helping to eliminate future grime on our shades!


Between vacuuming take a moment to run a cloth across your blinds and shades. (cellular shades especially love this royal treatment!) Use microfiber cloths, which pick up pet hair like a dream! After a few uses, you should toss the cloths in the washing machine.

Professional Cleaning

Contact Shades By Design for additional tips and to get your window treatment professionally cleaned.

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