Inside Mount vs. Outside Mount for Roller Shades

inside & outside mount for roller shades
When it comes to window treatments, roller shades are a very common and popular choice. These shades provide a modern aesthetic while still allowing for privacy and light control. However, before you rush to buy roller shades, you must consider whether to go for an inside mount or an outside mount. Both options have their pros and cons, and understanding the differences will help you make an informed decision that best fits your needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences and similarities between inside mount and outside mount roller shades to help you make an informed decision that best fits your needs.

Inside Mount Roller Shades:

Inside mount roller shades are installed within the window frame, fitting neatly inside the hollowed area. They offer a sleek look, which allows for the window’s architectural features to shine. Here are some benefits of inside mount roller shades
  1. Space Optimization: Inside mount roller shades take up all of the available space, because they don’t extend beyond the window frame. This is particularly helpful in small rooms or windows with limited space
  2. Clean Aesthetics: By sitting inside the window frame, inside mount roller shades provide a clean and modest look. They blend with the window, allowing the architectural features to take center stage.
  3. Light Control: Inside mount roller shades allow for excellent light control by minimizing light gaps around the edges. This choice works well for rooms where you may need privacy and light blockage.
  4. Measurement Accuracy: It is very important to measure your windows accurately when opting for inside mount roller shades. Accurate measurements ensure a precise fit, preventing as much light as possible and securing optimal functionality.

Outside Mount Roller Shades:

Outside mount roller shades are mounted on the wall or above the window frame, covering the entire frame and extending beyond its edges. Let’s dive into some of the perks of outside mount roller shades:

  1. Visual Impact: Outside mount roller shades provide a bold look and give the illusion of larger windows. They create a smooth appearance when installed correctly and can add visual height to a room.
  2. Light Control and Privacy: Since they cover the whole window frame, outside mount roller shades allow for better light control and privacy. They effectively block out light and eliminate any gaps that may occur with inside mount shades.
  3. Covering Imperfections: Outside mount roller shades can hide any imperfections on the window frames, such as uneven molding or unattractive hardware. This makes them an ideal choice when you want to enhance the overall look of your windows.
  4. Flexibility: Outside mount roller shades provide greater flexibility because of the fabric choice and design. You can select wider shades that extend beyond the window frame, giving you more options for customization.

Choosing the Right Mount for Your Roller Shades:

To decide between inside mount and outside mount roller shades, consider the following:

  1. Window Type: Some windows are better suited for a specific mount. For example, windows with deep casings are ideal for inside mount shades, while shallow casings or windows without casings may require outside mount shades.
  2. Style Preference: Consider your interior design style and aesthetic goals. Inside mount shades create a minimalist look, while outside mount shades can add drama and bold impact.
  3. Measurement Accuracy: Inside mount shades require precise measurements to ensure a proper fit. If you’re unsure about your measuring skills or if your window frames are not even, outside mount shades might be a better choice.
  4. Light Control and Privacy Needs: Assess your light control and how much privacy you may need. If you need maximum light control or complete privacy, outside mount shades are a safer option because of their ability to cover the entire window frame.


When choosing between inside mount and outside mount roller shades, you must take into consideration your window type, style choices, measurement accuracy, and privacy needs. These factors will help you decide which mount is best suited to your needs
Pricing depends on the product itself and specifications, however, there is no significant price difference. Outside mounts can be slightly more expensive due to wider and larger dimensions, but overall both mounts tend to fall within the same price range.
Yes, inside mount roller shades can block out light and ensure privacy when closed all the way. However, it’s important to choose the right fabric type, such as blackout or sunscreen, based on your desired level of light control and privacy.
Outside mount roller shades can be installed on most window types, this includes windows with or without casings. However, it’s important to make sure that you have enough wall space to accommodate the width of the shades.
It is possible to switch between inside mount and outside mount roller shades, but it will require new measurements and possibly new brackets or hardware. It’s best to make a long-term decision to avoid the hassle of switching mounts later on.


In conclusion, deciding between inside mount and outside mount roller shades depends on various factors and preferences. Inside mount roller shades provide a sleek look while maximizing all available space. This is ideal for windows with deep casings and provides effective light control and privacy. On the other hand, outside mount roller shades provide a bolder look while hiding window irregularities, and providing advanced light control and privacy, oftentimes better than inside mount roller shades. They offer flexibility in design and fabric choices while making it seem like your window is larger than it actually is.

When making a decision, consider your window type, style preferences, measurement accuracy, and privacy needs. It’s essential to select the option that aligns with your space limitations, aesthetic goals, and functional requirements. Remember that inside mount roller shades take up less space within the window frame, while outside mount roller shades take up more space because they extend beyond the frame, taking up additional wall space.

By evaluating and comparing both mounts, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and enhances the looks and functionality of your windows. Whether you decide to opt for the clean and minimalistic look of inside mount roller shades or the bold look of outside mount roller shades, both options offer versatility as window treatments.

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