What are the benefits of Motorized Shades?

What are the benefits of Motorized Shades?

Are you in the market for new window treatments? Technology has accelerated change in just about every aspect of life, motorized shades offer many benefits for you to consider before making a final choice.

1. Your convenience

When you choose motorized window shades, you can operate all of the windows with the touch of a button, and even set the window shades on a timer so they open automatically when you are away. such a time saver!

2. Tall windows

Do you have any tall, high or Skylight windows that you cannot reach easily? Consider motorized window shades which allows you to adjust your shades while sitting on your sofa, no matter how high they are.

3. Hard to reach areas

Climbing on the Sofa every time you want to open/close the window shades is not very safe or convenient. Motorized window shades are the perfect option for the elderly, those who are bed-ridden or on temporary bed rest, and those who simply don’t want to get out of the bed in the morning.

4. Improve the security of your home

Permanently closed window treatments can be a sign to burglars that your home is currently unoccupied. Motorized window shades set on a timer can open during the day and close at night to give the illusion that someone is home.

5. Your children’s safety 

When window cords are within reach, it takes only a few seconds for a young child to be accidentally strangled. Motorization means no operational cords for pets or curious children to get tangled in! you can never be too careful!


We laid out only a few benefits, and you can contact us to find out what type of solution is ideal for your home and business.