Decorative Drapes, Fisher Island

Window Curtains Miami

The common goal for most of our Miami Beach clients is to have control over the amount of light and heat that comes into the home due to their large windows.

At this location (Fisher Island ) , we designed a window treatment solution that did just that, while accentuating the rustic décor.

Pictured here, you will see sheer curtains installed in the living room, sheer curtains in the master bedroom tucked behind decorative room darkening curtains, and beautiful velvet fringed curtains in the lounging area.

Each room had its own little personality, and therefore received their own window treatment to coincide.

Give each space a life of its own with a little help from Shades By Design.

Location: Living Room, Master Bedroom, Lounge.

Goal: Filter Light, Preserve View, Complement Existing Décor.


  • Living Room: Sheer ceiling to floor curtains.
  • Master Bedroom: Ripple fold sheer & Decorative Curtains.
  • Lounge: Velvet Fringed Decorative Drapes.

Operation: Manual.