Jean Nouvel Luxury Penthouse, NYC

motorized screen shades

This luxury penthouse has a very unique and modern style, and Shades By Design worked diligently to make sure our window treatments were not only functional, but added to the beautiful trendy ambience of this home.

In the open space (Living room, Dining Room, Etc.) we created a layered window treatment. This included motorized screen shades of different colors that over lapped one another behind decorative ripple fold sheer curtains.

Dual, overlapping roller shades were installed in the bedroom. The colors were meticulously chosen to complement the rooms décor.

Lastly, we divided hallway from the rest of the penthouse with decorative curtains that paired nicely with the beautifully designed walls.

Although we love the view this luxury penthouse has, it’s almost hard to notice the view with such uniquely designed window treatments!

If you want window treatments uniquely designed to your taste and style, give us a call today!

Location: Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Hallway.

Goal: Create unique, decorative, and functional treatments that accentuate the modern penthouse design.


  • Hallway: Decorative curtains for separation.
  • Living Room/Dining Room/ Open Space: Overlapping Motorized Screen Shades behind sheer curtains.
  • Bedroom: Overlapping Motorized Roller Shades.

Operation: SOMFY motors and controllers.