Ft. Lauderdale Window shades

This luxurious home in Victoria Park, Ft. Lauderdale required a special touch in each area to make this space more comfortable, maintain privacy, protect furniture and art from UV rays, and to allow the client to have ultimate control over their window treatments.

Starting with the entrance of the home, we installed Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades over the glass door and adjacent windows. This guards the home from the peering eye of anyone walking or making their way to your front step to drop off a package.

Through the foyer over-looking the pool, our team installed ripple-fold sheer side panel that beautifully frame the wall to wall window when opened. A ripple-fold sheer panel can be found in the kitchen/dining area as well.

The den is now equipped with manual privacy screen shades with a dark bronze fascia to match the surrounding décor. These screen shades can be seen on the windows and sliding door.

Lastly, the bedrooms received manual Dual Roller shades. The two layers allow for complete light control at night creating the perfect atmosphere for a perfect slumber and privacy and light filtering in the day for the moments where natural light is wanted in the room, but privacy is still a need. All windows are finished with a dark fascia.

We can design an entire home of window treatments just for you as well! Contact us today to schedule a free on-site consultation.